RFID large washing company is served washing solution

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Large washing companies take over a large number of orders every day, especially for business hotel attire, hospital bed linen and even occasional bathing places.

A large number of clothing products need to be washed, dried, ironed, folded, sorted, and sorted to be delivered to customers. The process is complex and diverse. Problems, mistakes, and accidents often occur, and large washing companies often have hardships.


Question 1

A phone call, an order, or even a manuscript paper smashed a few words, but took over the clothes of a whole car. The information is not comprehensive, the inventory is difficult, and the workload of the personnel is large.


Question 2

The whole washing process is complex and changeable, lacks effective monitoring means, less processing, and leakage processing occurs from time to time. There are many complaints and feedbacks.


Question 3

Order classification is easy to make mistakes, multiple trainings, and the effect of multiple education is not obvious.


RFID large washing company is served washing solution

system structure 

The washing company is mainly composed of a washing label (RFID electronic tag), a reader/writer, a data server, and terminal management software.


When the clothing product with the washing label is sewn into the company by the car, the reader will quickly scan the clothing of one car, upload the data to the data server, and the data server registers an identity for each of the serviced products through the terminal management software. Generate a delivery order for the next day.


The number of check-ups and the timeliness of order completion have been greatly improved, which will save a lot of manpower and resources.


washed with the label


The service washing label is essentially an RFID electronic tag that stores information related to the service. Based on this information, you can find the business hotel you are wearing. At the same time, there are a variety of models for washing labels that can be selected and coordinated with the corresponding clothes as much as possible. It does not affect the appearance and is more practical.




The reader can read the electronic tags in the washing and receiving large quantities in a long distance and in batches, so that the data acquisition process is systematic, precise and scientific.


Data Server and Terminal Software


Data Server: Collect management data to the database.


Terminal house arrest: analysis, processing data, and generating new data at the same time assigned to different people.


the workflow


(Before washing) Washing clothes System generated data (after washing) Washing clothes


system performance


The entire RFID system has the advantages of rapid identification, easy operation and high reliability.


The advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:


(1) With the latest RFID technology, RFID washable labels can withstand more than 200 washes. Waterproof, anti-detergent.


(2) Fully automated, systematic, and scientific management.


(3) Efficient and fast, the reader in the special cart can quickly read the electronic tag in the washing suit. By column, sorting saves a lot of time.


(4) Accurate, the collected data can generate various reports, and can check and verify multiple times. Even knowing the washing history and quantity of each washing product is more convenient to manage.

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