RFID Food Safety Traceability System

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System Overview

The “Food Safety Traceability System” uses automatic data collection technology to uniquely identify and link the management objects of the supply chain links such as growth, processing, storage and retail of various product materials.

Once food has security problems, it can be traced through these signs to accurately narrow the scope of the safety problem, identify the problem, and even trace the source of food production.

System functions

The food safety quality tracking and tracing system is essentially a food information recording and transmission system. It plays a role in correct identification, truthful recording and effective transmission of food information, and solves food quality and safety problems. The purpose of tracking and tracing system is to identify Track and trace information about activities related to the origin, processing, transportation, storage and sale of food ingredients. If there is a quality problem with the food, you can use the label layer to track the product to a specific vendor, processor or raw material supplier to determine the source of the food quality problem in order to take effective corrective action. The establishment of a food safety quality tracking and tracing system provides potential benefits for farmers, consumers and society, and is of great significance for stabilizing the food safety sales market and ensuring and stabilizing food safety and quality.

System features

1. Product management system: Through the standardized identification, recording and inquiry of the information of each traceability control point, the information tracking and traceability of products from planting (or breeding) to sales can be realized, and the product can be accurately predicted in advance. The purpose of rapid processing afterwards;

2. Product safety traceability management system: The government regulatory department understands the basic conditions of the production enterprise, product traceability information, raw material sources and product flow;

3. Data exchange platform system: The seller queries the raw materials of the food, the use of fertilizer, production and processing, and quality security inspection.

4. Micro-Mall Shopping Platform: The traceability platform can join various enterprise products, purchase through the traceability platform channel, expand the micro-mart market system, and provide consumers with quality product protection.

Application scenario

The food traceability platform can be applied to the anti-counterfeiting and traceability of alcohol, agricultural products and meat.

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