RFID Epoxy Tags For Identification, Payment, Tracking, Phone Sets

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RFID Epoxy Tags are used widely For the payment, storing value, consumption, integration, membership management, public transportation, convenient payments. And they own small sizes, three-dimensional sense and seem practical, beautiful, generous. What is more, they could be used as small pendants, hung on the keychain and mobile phone, conveniently, modernly.

Their working frequency is usually HF, 13.56MHZ. Available chips usually include NTAG203, FM11RF08, M1 S50, M1S70, ULtralight, Icode Sli and Topaz512, and so on. And they can be wrote and read. Their read distances are 3-5m for HF with ISO14443, the other one 3-100m for HF with ISO15693. The read and write times could be up to 100,000. Besides, applications of RFID Epoxy Tags include mainly Logistics management, asset management, product management, warehouse management, production control and vehicle management.

Even though you regard the RFID Epoxy Tag as one decoration, it is also a good idea. All in all, this is a kind of meaningful goods, and you will like it after touching.

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Last update: Jan 03, 2020


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