RFID Chips Manufacturing Including RFID LF Chips, RFID HF Chips, RFID UHF Chips

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In manufacturing process of RFID chip cards, inserting chip is a critical step. RFID Chip cards usually include LF (125KHz), HF (13.56MHz) and UHF (860-960MHz) chips. Nowadays, Magnetic stripe Cards are less safer than Chip Cards. And Chip Cards are usually with barcode. The recording information of Chip Cards is dynamic.

The chip is like a small computer, with different check value in each transaction. So the possibility of being replicated is very small. Chip card can also be a multi-purpose card, such as a bus card set, water and electricity payments, social security card and other functions in one card. Magnetic stripe cards are more susceptible to outside interference. For example, to put them besides mobile phone and TV close together for too long, they will affect the magnetic stripe reader and chip card stable.

So the Chip Cards are quite useful in our lives. And the quality of chip is very important for the card. Then, our factory buys the newest equipments with the advanced RFID Technology to manufacture RFID Chips. We utilize top producing methods for standard management. And the equipment could insert 5-15 chips in the short several seconds. To some extent, this improves efficiency too much. Thus, we always guarantee the shipment time. 

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Last update: Jan 03, 2020


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