RFID Card Quality Checking From RFID Factory

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In our workshop, the environment must be with suitable temperature and humidity. Before we check the cards, we firstly make sure that the desk is clean. Then we could check the colors, words and chips location according to the order request, including the differences of colors, accuracy of words writing, the preciseness distances between the chips and sheet sides, and also the distances among the chips.

During the manufacturing process, we prepare for the extra Emergency Equipments for the emergency. Once something wrong happens, our professional maintain team will take the steps right now, and give the solutions as soon as possible. So your excessively disquiet will be redundant.

While we are examining the sheets, more attentions need to be given. As we all known, the distances and surface smoothness are both important, especially the distances between the chips. Only if the specifications are with the same standards, every card could be consistent after carved up. After all is over, our QC will check all the finished products again. The multilevel quality control could make sure the prefect products that you meet.

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Last update: Jan 03, 2020


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