RFID Card Holder for Access Management in Guinness

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Radio Frequency Identification or simply called RFID is one of the highly advantageous technologies today. It is one such advancement in the field of telecommunication which makes use of electromagnetic waves for the detection of NFC (Near Field Communication) based devices. The major use of RFID technology is in electronic money transactions, but nowadays it is also being used for the purpose of access management in companies. The concept of RFID access management is such where it is used for the automated control of doors in buildings, rooms, secured closets and cabinets. The major reason behind the increasing adaptability of RFID access management system is its cost-effectiveness and higher security. 

Also, having an access management system in a company has several advantages such as an increased visibility throughout the organization, authorized access only and many more. Apart from these, there are many other benefits and this is why, especially businesses which are associated with a large number of daily transaction procedures make use of RFID technology. One of the known companies Guinness also makes use of RFID technology for the access management. For this, the company makes use of its TapPoint platform as a voucher-management system that enables RFID card holder including retailers, brands, agencies and media owners to create NFC marketing campaigns. 

The TapPoint platform in-actual is one that is utilized by company to create a variety of campaigns, such as vouchers, video and audio downloads, loyalty cards, product information (price comparisons, for instance), application and games downloads and more. The access management system used by Guinness include wizard-based tools which other associated companies can employ to create URL-based campaigns. Also, some advanced tools are too available for creating more complex campaigns. This system also gives the ability to assign locations to NFC tags, provides integration capability with third-party campaign-management systems and campaign reporting software system for analysis purposes.

However, one of the common problems associated with RFID access management system is that smart-chip cards can be misused if not protected and may lead to unauthorized access by unknown users. But, this thing can also be avoided with the use of RFID card holder as they offer protection against unwanted cloning of cards.

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Last update: Jan 09, 2020


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