NFC Tags and Applications in Life

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Generally speaking, NFC tags can be used as access control and cashless payment tool. What we've got here is a variety of NFC tags and an NFC-enabled Phone. Actually, People often have the question, which is that how to do a simple NFC tag. Now, I will show them one by one.

We can print a unique QR code on each tag. Not only printing unique QR, but also serial number and chip UID. Its size could be made in dog bone shape, just as my shown. As long as we have the corresponding mold, any shape would be ok. Even not, we also could make a mold based on your requirement. Some customers often ask us about the Special Effect. I will show you one, shinning silver inside it. We also call it Silver Glitter. Besides, we could provide other workmanships. Generally speaking, we package each tag in one poly bag, 10 tags together and 100 tags in a box. We can customize the package with our own brand.
This Pet Tag is a PET Tag. Nowadays, millions of pets are reported lost every year. To eliminate the cases of losing pets, people started to use NFC tags printed with QR code. QR codes can be scanned with every smart phone. And NFC chips can be stored many information, such as address, phone number and website. Whenever your pet gets lost, anyone with a smart phone will be able to scan and view pet’s critical information. You will also be notified immediately with the GPS location of your pet.

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Last update: Jan 03, 2020


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