NFC 13.56 MHZ Contactless Tags Used for Traffic Ticket

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NFC technology is becoming widespread nowadays. It is being used in almost all the highly advanced smart phones because of its unlimited benefits. However, apart from phone-to-phone communication, these small tags are also used for storing & transferring information. They find a variety of useful applications in numerous applications such as stickers in shops, advertisements near bus stops and even NFC enabled business cards. NFC technology is largely dependent on the mode of operation and the targeted application. The smart phone has the ability to read as well as write NFC 13.56 MHz NFC tags that have broad range of capabilities. The Simple tags contain memory only and can be locked and written to be read-only-think smart poster. Complex tags carry processing for access control and authentication & find many uses in transportation ticket and many more. 

Highly sophisticated tags contain complete operating system allowing complex interactions like chip and pin credit cards for contactless payments. NFC tags generally come with a Unique Identifier (UID) which is a low-level serial number used for identification and anti-collision. Most of the tags have a static 7-byte UID programmed by the manufacturer. The size and format of the ID are particular to the RF technology utilized by the tag. Contactless payment is the most important use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in mobile devices including Android Pay, Samsung Pay & Apple Pay. These devices leverage NFC technology and mobile device security infrastructure to facilitate convenient & secure payment. NFC tags serve as the safest form of user credential & find many applications in loyalty card, identity badge and ticket. A blank RFID/ NFC card is often used for bus/train passes as well as in other systems that require a proximity card. The tag contains a small RFID chip as well an antenna & provides clear line of sight when placed a couple inches away. These can be examined by almost any NFC 13.56 MHz reader.

Based on NFC 13.56 MHz radio frequency technology, NFC provides extensive wireless uses in mobile devices. With existing mobile & contactless infrastructures, these devices enhance customer convenience and enable device pairing, access control, transport and e-ticketing, smart poster reading and many more.

Last update: Dec 07, 2019

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