New Style Popular RFID Security Sticker For Wine Management

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In life, we often have some meals with wine. Some are wine, another are red wine and white wine. Of course, among of them, there are some famous brand. But you know, in the market, it still exists some fake goods. So if we can check it in one easy way, that will be nice.

You need make sure that you have downloaded the NFC function in your mobile phone. When you have the wine , you just need scan the sticker by your phone. You will get the information and judge if it is true good.

Of course, if you are the seller, you also buy some anti-fake stickers for your wine management. It is easy for customers to judge your products. 

And we can provide the anti-fake stickers. So if you have any request, just contact with us.


Last update: Jan 09, 2020


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