New Regulations Of Payment to Encourage Cash Scavenging

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Nowadays, the Chinese central bank issued "on the issuance of barcode payment service specification (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice", "standard" ") and supporting technical safety standard documents" barcode payment safety technical specifications (Trial) "and" barcode payment acceptance terminal specification (Trial) ". The specification will be implemented from April 1st this year.

For security risks, the central bank makes barcode payment business risk prevention capacity grading, to make daily pay the prescribed limit of ¥500 of "static barcode", and encourage the use of safety risk prevention of higher level "payment scan code, the two-dimensional code seller through professional code scanning equipment, dynamic code a reading on the mobile terminal payment behavior.

By reading the way of dynamic barcode, the risk prevention ability of barcode payment can reach three levels of A, B and C, and the transaction volume is higher. If a level is reached, the trading limit can also be agreed by the market body and the customer.

However, to do this, businesses need professional two-dimensional code scavenging machines. Then, the "cash scavenging", is encouraged by the bar code to pay the new rules. There is a certain impact on the current mobile payment market.

Reporter survey found that, in fact, in recent years, aiming at the safety problem of static barcode exposure, Alipay, WeChat payment, UnionPay and other three party payment agencies had to be aware of, and began to explore the mode of payment scan code. For example, they use bar code guns, small white boxes to sweep two-dimensional code of mobile phones to promote the upgrade of scavenging mode of payment.

Among them, the mobile payment "national team", represented by the UnionPay, can be called the main force to promote the security development of mobile payment. According to the reporter's understanding, UnionPay not only issued the two-dimensional code payment application specification in July of this year, but also put forward a perfect technical scheme on the scan code payment professional machine, and put it into practice.

The requirements of the UnionPay for the scan code device are very strict. It requires that the scan code device support the two-dimensional code 360 degree omnidirectional recognition, and can satisfy the user's screen scanning after the film. It can read normally, and the decoding accuracy rate is 99.9999%.

In addition to meeting the above requirements, UnionPay also attaches great importance to user experience. It recommends using fixed and scanning codes to read the up scan code. It is considered that this way is more consistent with users' gesture habits. In addition, the scavenger should carry voice function. When the cashier triggers the scavenging, the scavenger can give the voice: please sweep the code.

It is said that in the mobile payment scavenging device, the scavenging gun is not lack of the pump, but it is not good on the user experience. It is necessary for the cashier to cooperate with the user to complete the scanning code, and its convenience is not even better than the vertical code scanning. The fixed code scanner selected by the UnionPay has a better user experience.

It is reported that since last May 27th, UnionPay joint commercial bank, non bank payment institutions jointly launched the UnionPay two-dimensional code payment business. Just six months, has more than 200 commercial banks and non bank institutions of the mobile application client support two-dimensional code UnionPay payment, in more than 160 acquirers pay 3 million 500 thousand merchants, covering supermarkets, catering and entertainment, transportation, convenient payment, payment application scenarios of school enterprise park.

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Last update: Jan 09, 2020

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