LF RFID Cards Can Bring Some Inspiration For You

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With a few sizes accessible, the LF RFID cards are suitable for use in numerous fields, for example, in the car assembling, distribution center administration, and development markets.

With Unique ID Code in each RFID card, the LF RFID cards can track the products naturally for basic administration. Basing on Asia RFID exceptional LF user, we can get the code numbers or other information from the LF tag inside of a read range from 3cm to 1 meter. It is planned like coin shape and different sizes are accessible for custom necessity.

With a little foot shaped impression in size and 3M Glue on the posterior, the RFID LF cards sturdy and simple to fasten to a wide range of buyer merchandise. Furthermore, these read and compose plate 125KHz cards can be likewise embedded in a wide range of individual products, for instance, visas, key dandies and physical access control.

Without hard lodging, the LF RFID cards are sufficiently little to be inserted into the tagging things for following reason. What's more, they give an ease and custom stage for the coordination of low recurrence RFID administration framework. 

Last update: Dec 07, 2019


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