Know About RFID PVC Tags Just Need Three Steps

in RFID Basics on . 0 Comments is putting forth its 13.56 MHz clear thin RFID circle label which is in a perfect world suited for resource following, hostile to forging applications and visit watch. This RFID plate tag is regularly utilized as a part of uses, such as procedure control, processing plant robotization frameworks, thing recognizable proof and security frameworks.

This unmistakable dainty RFID PVC Tags, model 113415, gives a most extreme contactless read/compose separation of 12 cm. It highlights a thickness of just 0.7 mm and a distance across of 25 mm. It utilizes a 1k MF chip and is agreeable with the ISO 14443 standard. Covered with PVC, with a cement support, the RFID PVC Tags work over a temperature range from - 30 °C to 50 °C and performs well even in cruel situations. Serial number printing is accessible.

This unmistakable meager RFID circle label fits in with the group of 13.56MHz High Frequency RFID Tags. The family gives an assortment of tags, for example, 13.56MHz Animal Ear Tag, 13.56MHz Passive ICODE SLI RFID Laundry Tag which takes care of the great requests of turning pressing and different necessities regarding warmth, weight and compound resistance as required in utilizations of contactless following of articles of clothing in the material rental and clothing businesses; and Mount-on Metal High Frequency (HF) RFID Tag which offers vigorous execution at an alluring value points. 

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Last update: Jan 03, 2020


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