Jewelry Anti-counterfeiting and Anti-smuggling RFID Solution

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Brand jewelers have adopted this system to achieve channel control of franchisees in various provinces and cities across the country. And to create anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling systems based on the latest technologies of Internet of Things and mobile Internet for their brand products.

The product anti-counterfeiting database is kept in the cloud, and the system is deployed on its own server host, so you can rest assured. Prepare for the worldwide promotion of this technology worldwide. Using this technology, jewelers can more easily and effectively prevent counterfeit goods, prevent franchisees from smashing goods, facilitate consumer mobile phone inspections, and mobile app marketing.

System planning:

Using high frequency RFID jewelry tags, each RFID chip has a globally unique identification number. When the label is pasted onto the jewelry, it is scanned by the high-frequency RFID reader, a special digital signature is written to the RFID chip, the anti-counterfeiting capability is enhanced, and the stored information is sent to the back-end product anti-counterfeiting database. Detailed information on each piece of jewelry is stored in the product database.

When a consumer scans the RFID electronic tag of the jewelry with his NFC mobile phone, the mobile app will automatically check the anti-counterfeiting information and detailed product description of the jewelry, and can be forwarded to the WeChat, QQ and other circles by the consumer to reach the jewelry merchant. The effect of online mobile marketing to achieve O2O e-commerce transactions.

Brand manufacturers use the system back-end software to check and track the whereabouts of each piece of jewelry, sales progress, etc., and enhance the ability and means of channel management; the product promotion information can be updated at any time.

This technology allows the jewelry store owner to check the jewelry he has handled at any time, to ensure that the goods come from the brand manufacturers, including verifying the identity of the jewelry when providing after-sales service for the customer. The RFID electronic tag becomes the lifetime electronic identity of the piece of jewelry, just like our residents. ID card.

In China, tampering and forgery of jewelry is a big problem, and RFID tags can help brand jewelers solve this problem.

Program value:

Safety: Anti-smuggling and anti-counterfeiting effects are achieved by embedding an RFID chip inside the jewelry tag;

Convenient: It is convenient for consumers to check the authenticity of jewelry and understand the detailed introduction information of jewelry products with their own mobile phones;

Accurate: The data is accurate, and RFID tags can be accurately collected and identified in all aspects of the supply chain to ensure the accuracy of the goods and prevent counterfeiting;

Economy: The software system is free to use, only need to purchase RFID tags and readers, the relative loss of jewelry is counterfeit, the investment income is very huge.

Last update: Jan 03, 2020


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