Introduction of Non-standard RFID PVC Card, Plastic Card

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In this video, it mainly shows Non-standard PVC Card information from ASIARFID.COM.
As we all known, the standard business card size is usually with 85.47-85.72mm length, 53.2-54.03mm width, 0.76±0.08mm thickness. And we often call it CR80, 85.5mm*54mm*0.76mm.
Non-standard PVC Card is with different size and shape, and could be made into triangle, oval, etc. Features of Intelligence Card are reflected in their anti-destructive effects, durability, storage capacity, flexibility and its encryption.

Non-standard PVC Card is made of silicon to store information, so advanced silicon manufacturing process can be fully guaranteed diamagnetic, electrostatic and various ray capability. Because of the small volume of silicon, which has an epoxy layer giving protection, and outside with the protection of the PCB and the substrate, the abilities of resistance upon mechanical damage and chemical damage are strong.

The date of information stored is more than 100 years, and the information is easy to read and write that will be up 100,000 times. Capacity can be done with thousands of bytes, and storage areas on the Intelligence card can be split, so that you can have different levels to access. 

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Last update: Jan 03, 2020


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