International IOT Technologies and Smart China Exhibition

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The 8th Asia Smart Card and RFID Technologies Exhibition & Trade Show, as the Asia largest exhibition, was an important showcasing and trading & communication platform for the whole industry chain of IOT/ RFID/ Smart Card technologies. And it was hold on at August 18th~20th, Shenzhen, China.

T-union Industrial Corporation Group, was bound to take part in this activity. The company symbolized Things of Union, Technology of Union and Times of Union, devoting itself to global advanced RFID products and system solutions supplier. Shenzhen Xinyetong Technology Co., Ltd, and T-union INC Technology Co., Ltd were both the affiliates.

In the exhibition, you can easily found the location of T-union, NO.A58-2. And it showed a large number of RFID Products in IOT, such as CARD, TAG, WRISTBAND, PRINTER,etc. These products could be used for School Card Management, Library, Parking, Swimming Pool, Asset Management, Logistic Management, Festival Access Control, Farm Cattle/Sheep Management, Pet Tracking Management, Wine Anti-counterfeiting, Food Tracking,etc. These system solutions nearly related to all aspects of smart life. What was more, the popular ones were the Animal Tags, Active Tags, Anti-metal Tags and Inkjet White Cards.

What the most impressive thing was that all kinds of Chips were shown on the exhibition booth. Actually, the chips included ISSI 4439,ISSI 4469 (compatible S70),FM11RF08,FM11RF32N(compatible S70),FM1208-09 (8K),FM1208-10 (7+1K),FM1302T (TI),MF S20,MF S50 (1KB),MF S70 (4KB),ICODE SLI (1Kb),ICODE SLI-X (1Kb),ICODE SLI-S (2Kb),MF UTL (64B),MF UTL-C (192B),MF D21,MF D41,MF D81,MF PLUS S (2KB),MF PLUS X (2KB),MF PLUS S (4KB),MF PLUS X (4KB),HITAG 1 (2048b),HITAG 2 (256b),HITAG S (256b),HITAG S (2048b),NATG 203 (144B),NATG 213 (144B),NATG 215 (504B),NATG 216 (888B),SLE 66R35 (1KB),SLE 66R01 (128B),TOPAZ512B,FELICA-LITE-S (224B),TI2048 (tag),TI 2048,TK 4100,EM 4200,EM 4305,EM 4450,T5577,CET5577,SRT512, (compatible),UHF 6c (card).

Besides, T-union could provide custom products, such as size, color, chip, style, coding,etc. If you have any demands about RFID Products and RFID System Solutions, just free to contact with T-union.

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