How to Turn RFID Inkjet Cards into Colorful ID Cards

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The radio frequency identification technology often abbreviated as RFID has brought tremendous amount of transformations in the way of data transfer and communication between two devices where one of them is essentially a reader and the other one is a RFID chip embedded in an RFID tag which transmits small amount of data stored in it when activated and brought in the proximity of the reader. The RFID inkjet cards are used as smart cards these days and contain an inbuilt microchip or a memory chip that contains data stored in them about an individual, for instance name, age, gender, designation and the organization where the individual works. Being a contactless card the RFID smart cards can be simply brought closer to a reader or a computer, and it can facilitate identification of the user; thereby execute the other systems controlled by it.   

The RFID inkjet cards made from PVC plastic cards are highly popular these days. They can be turned into colorful ID cards, educational ID cards, membership cards, employee ID cards and promotional cards with colorful texts and graphics imprinted on them by Inkjet printers. The printable white RFID tags can be turned into colorful, high gloss and fast drying cards with high-end inkjet printer that can deliver water proof and smear resistant graphics images and texts on the RFID cards an proffer them to be used for various purposes.

The RFID inkjet cards are made from UV resistant dye inks and pigment inks that ensure image color reproduction, high-definition images and precision printing in all forms of images and texts on the printable RFID cards. The RFID inkjet cards are fade-resistant, wear-resistant, and also provide longer shelf life. They can also be used easily for longer years without suffering fading or data loss unless they are mishandled or inappropriately used. These cards can operate in a range of 13.56 MHz and can effectively feed the data into the reader when brought in the close vicinity of the reader. The RFID inkjet cards can therefore be transformed into colorful ID cards with fine grade, smear proof and water resistant inkjet prints that can work a long way towards successful utilization of RFID inkjet cards for many years.

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