How to protect your money bag?

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Two-dimensional code payment has evolved from a trend into a habit, whether it is a supermarket, a convenience store or a catering store. This kind of micropayment scenario can be seen everywhere. The bar code generation mechanism and the risk hazard in the transmission process should also attract our attention. Risky cases of payment security occur frequently, and market institutions still have unfair competition in the process of business promotion. Raise awareness and protect our money bags. This of course requires further improvement by relevant departments and payment institutions.

The first is our users themselves, we must raise awareness of prevention, do not see the code to sweep, improve vigilance, do not easily believe that the market free scan code gift and other promotional activities. There may be huge hidden dangers behind the “ Swinging" behavior, such as the disclosure of personal information, and there may be some illegal activities, especially not to provide personal names, ID cards, bank cards, telephone calls, communication addresses, etc. . Even a trusted QR code application may be Maliciously exploited by some hacker criminals to become a malicious QR code.

At the same time, with the popularity of two-dimensional codes, users should also master some relevant knowledge of two-dimensional codes, common cases, distinguish between right and wrong, and do not do the same. Of course, you should also develop Good mobile phone usage habits, including going to the official website to download the tool software, install anti-virus software in your mobile phone in time, not to click on those unfamiliar links.

In fact, it is a payment institution, and it should also give more efforts to give users more protection. ICBC, as the first commercial bank to launch two-dimensional code payment products, said that the ICBC QR code payment has all the functions of The current mainstream scanning code products, and uses the international leading token technology to mutate the card number. At the same time, through a series of security control measures such As real-time risk monitoring, transaction limit control, large-value transaction verification, and 60-second mandatory update of QR code, it provides bank-level protection for customer funds and information security.

The industry believes that China UnionPay and more than 40 commercial banks have launched UnionPay cloud flash payment QR code products, which is a positive exploration and innovation of state-owned large commercial banks in two-dimensional code payment. It is a useful attempt to provide Users with Efficient, convenient and secure mobile payment transaction method.

In addition, Alipay, a third-party payment platform, has adopted a number of technical measures to reduce transaction risk in "sweeping" payments. In order to prevent information security risks and avoid parsing user accounts or transaction order information due to the propagation of QR codes, Alipay first encrypts the information that needs to be transmitted through the QR code into a string by an encryption algorithm, and then compiles the string to form a string. QR code., and if if the QR code is acquired and scanned by Others, it can only parse out the encrypted character string, and cannot further parse any relevant information of the user. The bar code formed by the merchant checkout counter and the bar code formed by the Alipay APP are time-sensitive, and a new bar Code will be formed after the expiration, and the previously generated bar code will be invalid, thereby preventing the information caused by the bar code becoming copied and transmitted. Funding risk.

Finally, the government and other relevant authorities are required to formulate professional technical standards and regulate the development of payment services. "2017 China Third-Party Mobile Payment Industry Research Report" pointed out that the offline scanning code payment industry has entered an accelerated development period On the one hand, the merchants who access the offline scanning code payment also enjoy the increase in revenue brought by digital marketing and operation; on the other hand, the offline scanning code payment is simple and fast, which brings a convenient consumer experience to The user.

In promoting the development of industry norms, the People's Bank of China has positioned two-dimensional code payment in small amounts, convenient and effective supplementation of bank card payments, and adopted a series of measures to regulate the development of two-dimensional code payment services.

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