How to Install Tray Of Epson Printer For RFID Card Printing

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In the using process of Epson Printer, you firstly nail down where is the location of printing, such as the layer of printing paper and the layer of printing CD and Card. You know different layers are suited for different materials.

The operation way of Epson Printer is easy. It only need you lay printing materials in right location. Then you can install the cover as the direction marked in the printer. There is a slot, and you will not miss it. When you put the RFID PVC inlay sheet into the bottom of printer, you will see two triangles in one row. And then you need align as the demonstration to go on next. Certainly, all things seem not so hard like what you thought before. Therefore, you need try more new things to get the successful pleasure. Epson Printer could print directly RFID Inkjet White Card, without any ink, dry fast. You can design all kinds of pictures you want, and DIY one wonderful card.

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Last update: Jan 03, 2020


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