How to distinguish High Quality RFID Cards Among RFID Products

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Many customers may meet this problem that which is better quality card. So in this video, we will show you how to distinguish Good RFID Cards.

Firstly, you can check the side of the card. The side of good card touches friendly, smoothly, and the size of bad card let you feel coarse.

Secondly, you can compare whether the card is fragile when you fold it in several ways. You may have seen it, the bad card is fragile, but the good one is still intact after so many winding.

At the last but not the least, the bad card is heavier than good card. Because some lower quality always dope a great deal of lime, so that the weight is higher than normal cards weight.

So when you know this, you will check good card by yourself. And this will also help you get really what you want.

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Last update: Nov 21, 2016


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