How does the RFID Pet Tag help you to find the lost Pet

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Pets are our human’s friends, and mostly everyone likes then, such as cats and dogs. We all hope them could be beside us no matter when and how. But unfortunately, sometimes we are busy doing our own things carefully, and neglecting them so that they are lost. You cannot image that the host is so sad. Yes, it is really full of pity. Where is it? Who see it? Who knows?

Please do not worry. If you have the RFID Pet Tag on the Pet, which stores information about the name, address, contact person, telephone numbers and some other points, your Pet could be sent to you when others see the Pet and scan the RFID Tag. So for you, what should you do before? In this video, It seems that you can utilize the mobile phone to edit and read the information in RFID Pet Tag.

RFID Pet Tags are not only used for Pet tracking, but also for goods. Besides, in the Logistic and asset management are all wide. So only one small Tag, your Pet will be found fast. How convenient!

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Last update: Mar 12, 2016


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