How does an Inkjet white card play in your printer?

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If you are interested in the title, you must know little or much about the card and printer. Maybe you are keen to searching them, right? Here, please allow me to have some words, because you must need a talking now.

Our company, Shenzhen XinYeTong Technology Co., Ltd, is committed to provide various RFID Products to our customers, such as RFID Card, Tag, Wristband. And the Inkjet white card is the most popular in our market. It insists on your free design, and brings you DIY pleasant feeling. In others’ eyes, it is a white card. But in your eyes, it is a real deal, which gives you what you want. Certainly, a printer is necessary. Do not worry, and we have prepared one for you. In the printer, you can put in several cards, and add your designs. Then you can get the wonderful scenery. How miraculous it is!

There are Epson PVC ID Card Tray and Canon PVC ID Card Tray in our factory. For Epson PVC ID Card Tray, available new models include R330, R290, P50, T50, T60, L800, L801, R260 etc. Besides, for Canon PVC ID Card Tray, Canon G PVC ID Card Tray includes MG8250, MG5250, MG6140, MG8180, MG6180, MG6170 etc, and Canon J PVC ID Card Tray includes MG5400, MG5420, MG5422, MG6310, MG7160, ip7260, MX922, MX925 etc. More information in

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Last update: Jan 04, 2020

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