Have You Tried To Use RFID Credit Card for Payment?

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In the present times, one of the revolutionary technologies in the field of communication is RFID. It is one such technology that has wide applications, especially in the field of contactless payment systems. And one of the most advantageous applications of RFID is RFID credit card. RFID credit card or normally called contactless credit card is a type of card which uses radio-frequency identification for making payments. This type of card is completely different in functioning compared to magnetic stripe cards, because for using such RFID credit cards, cardholders are required to wave their cards over contactless payment terminals rather than swiping the card.

The advantage of this payment system is that there are no chances of card cloning as the card is only required to be scanned in front of NFC terminal, and therefore, one can be assure  and safe from card hacking. Though, the uses of RFID credit card serves a lot of benefits, however many people are still not aware that how they can use RFID cards, and thus can’t use the RFID technology to their benefit. However, if you are someone who wants to know about how a RFID credit card works, then this article is very beneficial for you. 

A contactless credit card technology is that, which allows transaction of money without the need of any physical contact between the terminal and the card. RFID credit card system uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology where cardholder waves the RFID card in front of a contactless terminal to complete a transaction. This type of card consists of a chip, often called smart chip, which is not powered by any specific means, rather it works on the radio frequency (RF) energy. This energy is transferred from the payment terminal which works as a power source for the chip-on-card. 

Also, RFID credit cards do not make use of a universal protocol for money transactions; rather each card company defines its own proprietary protocol based on EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) principles. Therefore, a Visa card reader cannot process transactions for MasterCard. However, hybrid card readers have also been developed making it easier for all card users to get transaction facilities anywhere.

Last update: Jun 20, 2016


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