F08 RFID Tag Used For Animal Identification

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With a little size and long perusing separation, the passive F08 RFID Tag is suitable for animal tracking, for example, canine, feline and pig, and so forth.

The UHF passive RFID Tag is perfect with ISO18000-6C (EPC Gen2) or ISO18000-6B conventions. Furthermore, it can offer a most extreme read extent up to 3.5 meters. With a capacity ability of 96 bit/512 piece/2000 piece, the UHF RFID Tag can store all the critical data, including pets name, social insurance history and proprietor's telephone number, and so forth. In this manner, it guarantees that the proprietor may recognize and locate his pet regardless of the possibility that the pet is lost in the swarmed pets.

With a little size of 3cm by 4cm, the smaller than usual passive F08 RFID Tag is intended for simple to stick around the neck of animals. Made of extraordinary plastic material, it is innocuous and easy. Moreover, you can tweak these passive RFID labels in distinctive hues, sizes and data imprinted on it to customize your animals’ labels.

The UHF passive RFID Tag has been generally utilized as a part of animal tracking application particularly in pet administration. What's more, it is a perfect answer for a wide range of pet administration and investigative testing applications. 

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Last update: Jan 09, 2020


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