Enterprise unattended intelligent weighing system management solution

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Unattended weighing software is mainly to reduce the company's overweight personnel, reduce the labor costs of enterprises, prevent the occurrence of human measurement cheating, use advanced technology, combined with software, hardware, control systems, networks, etc. to achieve unattended weighing .


System composition


The unattended platform software is equipped with video surveillance anti-cheat system, infrared positioning anti-cheat system, smart card system, RFID electronic tag number identification system, self-service weighing terminal, handheld PDA to confirm receipt, delivery system, vehicle queuing System, financial settlement, anti-remote control alarm, pound single anti-counterfeiting treatment, tare weight fluctuation control, blanking control and other comprehensive intelligent control systems and anti-caution measures, to achieve unattended weighing in the process of weighbridge weighing, can reduce Measuring personnel, improving work efficiency, saving a lot of labor costs for enterprises every year, blocking management loopholes to recover huge economic losses for enterprises.


System flow


When the car enters the car weighing channel, the infrared positioning system of the vehicle installed at the crossing immediately senses that there is a car entering, and transmits the signal to the intelligent gate and traffic light prompting system in front, the gate is immediately closed, and the signal light turns red. Prompt the driver to drive slowly, and ask the weighing instrument and reader to start working.


When the electronic tag on the vehicle enters the reading range of the reader, after verifying that the "vehicle identity" is legal, the control signal emits the correct signal, instructing the electronic balance to start transmitting the weight information, and the camera is used to monitor whether the vehicle is docked at the designated The location as well as the image of the captured vehicle. If the vehicle is parked properly, the weighing signal can be accepted by the computer.


When the host receives the ID number (corresponding to an identification code) and weight information, it accurately records and backs up the relevant information; then, the system issues a command to the controller, the relay on the controller acts, opens the gate, and the signal traffic ahead The light turns green. The vehicle can drive away from the truck scale passage.


The host transmits vehicle-related information to the data management center, which finally completes the data processing and statistical tasks, and then sends the data to the designated place through the local area network.


System advantage


1. Information collection automation


The weighing data output from the weighbridge and the electronic tag number installed on the vehicle are processed by the relevant device and transmitted to the computer. The computer immediately displays the weight of the cargo carried by the car and stores it in the computer's database. Users can query, summarize, print and other operations as needed to achieve automatic information collection.


2, prevent cheating


One car and one card, the electronic tag is attached to the windshield of the car and has a tamper-proof function. Once the electronic tag is torn from the glass, the chip inside is damaged and cannot be used again. The weight of each weighbridge is strictly corresponding to one card and one car. With the camera's image capture function, the entire system data is guaranteed to be foolproof.


3. Establish corporate image, improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs


The system manages all computer weighing of all units in a computerized network. It can easily measure the weight of the car when it is empty and full load, and know the actual weight of the goods loaded in the car in real time, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the enterprise.


4. Protect the safety of the area and prevent illegal vehicles from entering


5, mobile APP + cloud service, mobile phone to carry out data query, quality inspection and verification, settlement process, the system automatically generates analysis reports, the mobile terminal can complete business approval, dispatch, query and other services.

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