The difference between IC card and magnetic card

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In our daily life, we use many kinds of cards, such as bus cards, bank cards, access cards, identity cards, etc., very many. At first, most of the cards used magnetic cards, because magnetic cards are easy to wear and interfere and lead to failure, so now many cards are used IC cards, then what is the difference between IC cards and magnetic cards?

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In appearance:

Magnetic Card: The core part of the magnetic card is the magnetic strip pasted on the card. The typical magnetic card is the bank card which was first used. The can customize the magnetic card bank card and so on. There is no difference from ordinary cards, but there is a silver or black magnetic stripe on the appearance. Most of the size and shape are standard cards.

IC card: IC card is also called smart card, integrated circuit card. It encapsulates the integrated circuit RFID tag, or the NFC chip, onto the copper chip, and then embedded into the standard plastic card. The common one is our social insurance card. Most of the cards are white in appearance. The cards can be customized in appearance and size and shape. can customize various IC cards, non-standard cards.

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On storage:

IC cards can store more than magnetic cards. The maximum storage of magnetic cards is hundreds of bytes, while the storage of IC cards is calculated according to M. IC card has RAM, ROM, EEPROM and other memory, can store text, sound, image and other information, but also can be segmented, different access levels and so on.

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In terms of security:

IC card can be encrypted, magnetic card can not be encrypted, because the magnetic card is mainly the magnetic strip on the card, so it can not read and write data, while IC card is an integrated circuit chip card, so it can read and write internal data, control, encryption and so on, so IC card is more secure than magnetic card.

Other aspects:

IC cards use integrated circuits with strong performance, high data security, long life of more than 10 years, low dependence on the network, can be used offline, magnetic card life is generally not offline; life is generally 1-5 years, low anti-interference, easy to be forged, are conducive to carrying, using.

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Last update: Mar 31, 2020


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