RFID technology makes logistics sorting more convenient

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The emergence and rapid development of e-commerce and logistics industry, warehousing size and management are also facing great pressure, which greatly increases the cost of manpower and material resources. RFID technology solves the complex and onerous sorting tasks in warehousing logistics management and the management of warehousing goods. Make warehouse management more automated and informationized.

The RFID automatic sorting system is mainly to attach RFID tags to goods. By installing RFID reader devices and sensors at sorting points, when the goods with RFID tags enter the RFID reader equipment, the sensor recognizes that the goods come to the RFID reader to read the card signal. The RFID reader reads the tag information on goods and sends it to the backstage to control which points the goods need to go to. Sorting out, so as to achieve automatic sorting of goods, improve accuracy and efficiency.

Automatic Logistics Sorting of RFID tags

RFID automatic sorting steps:

1. Prior to the beginning of sorting operation, picking information should be processed first. Logistics sorting operation should form picking information according to the sorting order output from the order processing system, and then carry out sorting operation. The automatic sorting machine is used to improve the sorting accuracy.

2. It means that the information about goods and classification is input into the automatic control system through the automatic classification and information input device.

Intelligent Robot Logistics Sorting

3. The automatic sorting system uses the technology of computer control center to process goods and classified information automatically and form data instructions to be transmitted to sorting machine.

4. The sorting machine uses automatic identification devices such as RFID technology to automatically sort and pick goods. When the goods are transferred to the conveyor through the transplanting device, they are moved from the conveyor system to the classification system. Then, the sorting device at the classifying entrance launches the sorting of express goods according to the pre-set classification requirements and completes the sorting operation.

Hand-held Reader for Logistics Sorting and Receiving

Features of automatic sorting system:

1. Continuity and excellent performance

2. The sorting error rate is very low.

3. Sorting operations are basically unmanned.

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Last update: Jan 04, 2020


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