What is contact IC card?

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Contact IC cards are the same size as traditional credit or debit cards. It contains a single embedded integrated circuit chip, which includes memory or memory plus microprocessor.

Contact IC cards must be inserted into card receiver devices. The needle connected to the card reader "contacts" the pad on the card surface to read and store the information contained in the NFC or RFID card chip.

This card is used to assist in network security, vending, meal planning, campus ID, e-commerce, health cards and many other applications.

Various RFID Contact and Non-Contact IC Cards for sale

Characteristics of Contact IC Card

High security and confidentiality, difficult to forge; large storage capacity, can expand a variety of functions, such as social security, military security and other special industry functions, contact IC card can also expand the function of electronic wallet, support non-contact rapid payment, that is, flash payment; durability is good, not easy to wear and tear.

Classification of Contact IC Cards

Contact IC card and contactless IC card, contactless IC card is an IC card with electronic wallet function. On the back of the card, there is a UnionPay electronic wallet sign or a flash payment sign on the front. Contact IC card also supports contact transactions.

Contact IC cards in the market include general financial IC cards, social security cards, military security cards, traffic cards, debit cards, contact PVC IC cards, credit cards, credit cards, IC cards, IC + magnetic strip composite cards and so on.

white Contact RFID IC inkjet chip card

Application of Contact IC Card

Contact IC cards can have strong expansibility, can load other special industry functions, such as social security, military security, medical and other functions, can expand the electronic wallet, support non-contact rapid payment.

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