Handheld RFID Reader Solves Medical Management Difficulties

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As a fast intelligent data acquisition device, handheld RFID reader integrates the work of medical information acquisition links, realizes intelligent work and management, and gradually becomes an indispensable information acquisition tool for medical and nursing staff. The application of handheld RFID reader in mobile nurses station optimizes the execution process of doctor's advice and information input, avoids the operation of checking the patient's identity manually, reduces the manual record of medical staff, and greatly reduces the rate of medical accidents. Handheld RFID reader will play a greater role in the management of the pharmaceutical industry to solve the work problems.

medical rfid reader

1. Automatic identification to eliminate medical errors:

Patient identification is disturbed by many factors. Traditional manual checking mode is prone to errors. Patient administration/treatment and other operations are still checked manually, which is prone to errors.

Through the RFID wristband automatic identification technology and hand-held RFID reader for real-time inquiry and verification, the correct patient, the correct drug, the correct dose, the correct time and the correct medication method are checked in the medical system.

2. Wireless opens a new era of real-time interaction:

Doctors can not obtain and consult the latest medical information of patients in real time. The real-time communication and exchange of medical and nursing information are hindered. Nurses can not record the information of doctor's advice in real time by patients'bedside, which affects the quality of further medical process.

All data queries and interactions are transmitted in real time through WIFI network through the wireless network which is laid out as infrastructure in ward and office areas. When and where can we get the data we want? UHF RFID tags and RFID readers can read multiple data at one time, transmit multiple data, and provide strong support for management.

3. RFID tags and RFID readers replace copyright work:

The patient's clinical signs and condition records need to be transcribed by a computer through paper records, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. A large number of data in various nursing documents and forms need to be manually copied repeatedly, and repeated data transcription is prone to errors.

By replacing paper workflow with hand-held RFID reader, doctor's advice and patient information can be inquired anytime and anywhere. All input systems can upload immediately, eliminating the workload of second input and providing more rapid and comprehensive data for performance.

4. Medical closed-loop supervises the whole medical process:

The quality control and management of nurses in clinical medical process can not be realized.

Using disposable medical RFID tags or customized RFID tags and RFID reader, from the beginning of admission to the final result analysis, the whole process formed a medical closed-loop, which improved the quality of medical care and the fine management of medical process.

Hand-held RFID reader is used in medical care, which provides efficient information collection and management for medical and nursing staff. The information of patients, medicines and materials can be collected by handheld RFID reader, stored and transmitted to the database center by wireless network in real time. The collected information can be real-time transmitted to the background system for processing. It greatly strengthens the management level of medical institutions and continuously realizes the information collection and tracking of the whole process of medical care.

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