Why does your industry use RFID tagging technology?

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The rapid development of society and the change of people's needs have led to the rise of a batch of companies, and also led to the collapse of one company after another. So how to survive in your industry has always been a question that every company has been thinking about. Did you find that? Nowadays, the development of all industries is closely related to RFID tag technology. So what are the advantages of RFID tagging technology?

RFID technology

1. Fast scanning

Barcode can only scan one bar code at a time; RFID identifier can identify and read multiple RFID tag at the same time. Asiarfid has a secure and durable RFID reader, handheld or fixed.

2. Small size and various shapes

RFID reading is not limited by size and shape, and does not require reading precision and paper with fixed size and print quality. In addition, RFID tags can be miniaturized and diversified to apply to different products.

3. Pollution Resistance and Durability

Traditional barcodes are carried on paper, so they are vulnerable to pollution, but RFID has a strong resistance to water, oil and chemicals. In addition, barcodes are particularly vulnerable to damage because they are attached to plastic bags or cartons; RFID tags store data in chips, thus protecting them from contamination.

4. Reusable

Today's barcode cannot be changed after printing, while RFID tags can be added, modified and deleted repeatedly to facilitate updating information.

RFID Products

5. Permeation and accessibility

In case of coverage, RFID can penetrate non-metallic or non-transparent materials, such as paper, wood and plastics, and can carry out penetrating communications. Barcode scanners must be close and accessible to read barcodes.

6. Large data storage capacity

The capacity of 1-D barcode is 50 Bytes, the maximum capacity of 2-D barcode is 2 to 3,000 characters, and the maximum capacity of RFID is MegaBytes. With the development of storage carriers, data capacity is also expanding. In the future, the amount of data needed to carry items will be larger and larger, and the demand for volume expansion capacity will increase accordingly.

7. safety

Because RFID carries electronic information, its data content can be protected by password, making its content not easy to forge and change.

Of course, Asiarfid not only provides and customizes RFID products, but also sells NFC products, such as NFC cards, NFC tags, readers, etc. If you want to know more about RFID tagging technology or products, please feel free to contact us.



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