RFID Technology Makes Financial Transportation Safer and Effective

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The rapid development of economy promotes the development of banking and finance business, so there are a large number of financial materials transported every day, so it is particularly important in the security management of assets. The RFID technology makes the data of inventory management, fund management, personnel entry and exit more safe and clear, and reduces manpower and material resources in the financial industry.

Inventory process in warehouse

Using passive RFID tags can quickly identify the radio frequency identification tags of multiple money boxes. When inventory is checked, the radio frequency identification equipment automatically reads the data of the radio frequency identification tags of the inventory money boxes in real time, and the statistical data is stored in the management system, which makes the data more intuitive and clear, saves manpower and material resources, and facilitates inspection.

Treasury access identification process

The money box is batched through the entrance and exit, and the communication gateway of radio frequency identification equipment judges the information of the money box and the behavior of entering and leaving, and sends the judgement result to the background of the business system. Business system background real-time display of access control points in and out of the identification situation, the abnormal data for automatic alarm prompts.

Automatic Inventory Flow of Handset in Treasury

Personnel walk around the Treasury with a handheld radio frequency identification machine, and the information of the money box in its surrounding area is automatically displayed on the handheld RFID reader. After the inventory is completed, the statistical information such as the checked money box is automatically displayed on the RFID reader and uploaded to the business platform.

Vehicle escort process

When the vehicle starts, the calibration reader starts the inventory, reads the money box label, personnel label and gun label data in the vehicle area, compares with the white list in the communication gateway, judges the lack or increase, and generates the alarm record to upload to the system platform. The communication gateway receives system platform instructions, makes real-time inventory of vehicle equipment, and uploads inventory records to the system background. Personnel firearms leave a certain range of vehicles, the system is an alarm.

Using RFID tags and RFID reader can collect cash box handover process in real time, realize intelligent escort supervision, safe handover supervision, personnel identification, automatic monitoring and alarm, make handover accuracy more accurate, and ensure the safety of bank cash box in and out of warehouse and in the process of transportation.

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