The Role of RFID in Intelligent Manufacturing Industry

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At present, intelligent manufacturing has become the focus of attention in the industry. It mainly introduces Internet technology and thinking mode into our daily operation and management, realizes the automation and intellectualization of production and management, and hopes to reduce manpower, reduce costs, flexibly respond to market changes and better meet customer needs by promoting intelligent manufacturing. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the most important technology to solve the problem of intelligent manufacturing industry.

RFID in intelligent manufacturing industry

1. Manufacturing challenges:

Production data collection is large, manual input efficiency is low, error is large, data is unreliable, production progress monitoring is insufficient, mastery is inaccurate, controllability is poor, order production to workshop in-process, completion and other data is not clear, can not accurately calculate the cost of product quality loss is serious, repair rate is too high, can not carry out quality traceability data statistics can not be updated in real time, business information is asymmetric, difficult. In order to guide future production planning, there is a lack of flexible and effective decision-making and analysis platform, and enterprise management is difficult.

Intelligent Manufacturing Industry

2. Advantages of RFID:

RFID equipment has an advanced non-contact radio frequency automatic identification technology. It has the advantages of long distance, fast speed, strong anti-interference ability and multi-target recognition at the same time.

In addition, RFID tag have the advantages that barcode does not have, such as waterproof, antimagnetic, high temperature resistance, long life, long reading distance, data can be changed, encrypted, large storage, etc.


3. The Role of RFID in Intelligent Manufacturing Industry

RFID is an important sensing technology in the Internet of Things. The maturity and wide application of RFID devices promote the development of intelligent manufacturing technology.

The application of RFID reader in manufacturing process can effectively improve the quality, efficiency and enterprise management level of product manufacturing. Such as:

1) Realize the automation and real-time collection of various production data, and grasp the production plan and production status in time.

2) Effective tracking, management and control of production resources and in-process products to achieve transparent and visual management of production process.

3) Improve the timeliness and accuracy of material distribution and reduce the error rate.

4) Improve the production process quality tracking ability and monitoring level, improve product quality and overall production efficiency.

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