How to choose RFID tags correctly in different environments?

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The application of RFID technology is becoming more and more popular in daily life. UHF RFID technology has been widely used in various industries with the characteristics of long-distance reading and multi-tag reading. The correct selection of UHF RFID tags plays an important role in the good operation of the whole RFID system. So how do we choose the right RFID tag?

UHF ABS anti metal rfid tag

1. Understanding the application environment of RFID Tags

Special environment RFID tags need special design changes, especially UHF RFID products. Metals and liquids have great influence on their performance. Therefore, whether the application environment is metal or non-metal, liquid or plastic, glass, wood and so on, is the primary consideration.

This will directly determine the types of UHF RFID tags. Conventional labels can not be used directly on metal surface. Only specially designed anti-metal labels can have good performance on metal surface. Moreover, the larger the metal surface, the better the performance of such labels.

UHF RFID tag performance is vulnerable to environmental impact, so when selecting the RFID tag, we should consider whether the selected RFID tag is suitable for your work needs.

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2. Understanding the Recognition Distance of RFID Tags

The reading distance is also directly related to the reader and antenna. It is necessary to clarify the relationship between the tag and the installation position and angle of the reader antenna. At the same time, the parameters of power selection, antenna gain, polarization mode and radiation angle should be considered.

In the whole RFID system, every detail may affect the actual reading distance, whether it can finally meet the project requirements, and even the length of feeder (cable connecting antenna and reader) needs to be considered bit.


3. Understanding the size requirements of RFID tag application scenarios

In many of our past project experience, customers often hope that the RFID labels size is very small, which is good-looking and easy to install.

However, the size of the label is exactly one of the main factors that determine the performance of the label. Generally speaking, the larger the size, the better the performance of the label can be designed. The size is also related to the media environment where the label is located, the material of the label, and so on. At the same time, the packaging form of labels is directly related to the cost of labels, which are all factors that must be considered comprehensively when doing customer operation projects.

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Of course, in the actual label selection work, we need to consider more than the above points, such as whether the RFID tag is heat-resistant, how much data capacity to write, how many maximum labels to read at a time, and so on, which need to be considered.

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