RFID tags become new weapons? The Way to Resurrection of Uniqlo

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In the wealth list released in early April, the founder of Uniqlo became the richest man in Japan again, and half a year ago, they also just introduced the management system including RFID tag, electronic tags, smart stores in the end is not important, it is clear.


What is Smart Store?

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1. Intelligent Recognition

From the beginning of consumers entering stores, through intelligent WIFI, face recognition, RFID technology and other technologies to improve the comprehensive recognition rate of a single customer, access to consumer information and data, here called intelligent passenger flow.

Smart store

2. Intelligent Shopping Guide

After consumers enter the store, there will be smart dressing glasses, cosmetic smart makeup test glasses and smart shelves in the store, which can be collectively referred to as smart shopping guide in the store. It can improve the volume and conversion rate of the whole store, and at the same time, it can retain data and deposit it in the data bank for secondary access and marketing.

3. Intelligent Trading

The use of RFID tags to enhance the efficiency of shop operations: fast receipt, fast inventory, fast search, fast cash register, to achieve intelligent transactions, receipt and payment.

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4. Intelligent Concern

Through RFID, electronic scanning and other technologies to collect consumer fitting data, attention data, goods data, and more importantly, when consumers leave the store, they can continue to reach consumers. Whenever new products are introduced, when there are marketing activities, or when the consumer consumption cycle changes, manufacturers can reach consumers, the whole process revolves around the store exhibition.

intelligent identification

Smart Stores Promote the Transformation and Upgrading of Clothing Industry

When you come to the door of the store, you can't get started when you see all kinds of clothes, one piece of fitting clothes makes you waste energy and hesitate, then the magic mirror placed in the store will help you try them on. Just standing in front of the screen and sliding gently can help you choose clothes, try on clothes and recommend various combinations. RFID clothing tag. If the store is too small to display all the goods, then the cloud shelf can synchronously present a large number of unplaced goods for you to choose, select the goods and place an order with one click, the fastest delivery can be in your hands on that day.

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At present, these high-tech about smart stores have been applied in many well-known clothing brand chain stores.

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