Requirements of Warehousing Logistics System for RFID tags & Readers

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It is of far-reaching significance to improve the existing warehousing and logistics management by introducing new mobile computing technologies such as RFID handheld reader and other new means to solve the shortcomings of the existing management mode. It can not only effectively solve the waste of human resources, but also accelerate the speed of material flow, improve efficiency, and effectively meet the needs of modern warehousing and logistics management.

RFID tag or reader for asset management

Because of the rise of e-commerce and other fields in recent years, the quantity of materials in warehousing and circulation links has increased explosively, and the speed of material circulation is also growing faster and faster. Obviously, the previous warehousing management model can not meet the current development needs, especially the simple technology based on barcode recognition has shown certain limitations.

rfid tag, rfid reader

Therefore, warehousing units or enterprises need warehousing management more vigorously. At present, the main needs are in these aspects:

1. Precision management of goods - such as RFID Tags

2. Quick access to warehouses for materials

3. Speed and Accuracy of Disk Storage

4. Simplicity and accuracy of personnel operation

5. Rapid collection and collation of data

RFID Reader

Therefore, people are paying more and more attention to improving the efficiency of warehouse management by means of RFID technology.

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