Eight Innovative Asset Management RFID Systems

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Asset management is one of the most important parts of enterprise internal management. Its main function is to provide important guarantee for production and operation, and at the same time, it plays an important role in the financial situation of enterprises. Therefore, it is an important task in the daily management of enterprises to strengthen asset management and ensure the integrity, preservation, value-added and full utilization of assets.

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In the past, barcode was mainly used to manage assets in traditional asset management. However, there are some common problems in the use and identification of barcode labels as follows:

1. The location of the equipment is inaccurate, and the fault equipment has no location information. It depends on manual searching and recording.

2. Inventory of assets is time-consuming and laborious, which can easily lead to "disorder before and after the Qing Dynasty".

3. The lack of effective communication between financial management and physical management leads to the inability of the books to reflect the actual assets.

4. The number of assets is large, the types are complex, and the effective centralized management system is lacking.

5. Asset management information is not detailed, management is difficult and work efficiency is low.

6. The information of assets does not accord with the actual situation of assets, which leads to serious loss and loss of assets and lack of effective supervision.

7. Operating costs cannot be accounted for in time and accurately.

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With the maturity of RFID technology, in order to change the shortcomings and make asset management "transparent", a new type of asset management system, RFID asset management system, has been developed.

The RFID asset management system has eight innovative functions:

1. Reduce the input of manpower and material resources, reduce costs and increase benefits.

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2. Reduce mistakes and improve work efficiency.

3. Achieve the unification of assets account, card and material, and have a good grasp of the whole assets of the enterprise.

4. Quickly locate the location of assets and shorten the search time.

5. Enterprise assets should be managed informationally to avoid repeated purchases and waste.

6. Real-time tracking of asset dynamics greatly improves the efficiency of work management.

7. Quickly and accurately inventory the existing assets and find out the family background.

8. Provide a favorable basis for decision-making analysis of enterprise managers.

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