Do You Know What is Artificial Intelligence?

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When machines display intelligence, such as thought and learning, it is called artificial intelligence. Machines acquire artificial intelligence by analyzing the data that they receive from various sources. Machines can learn based on past experiences, like humans.

The areas in which artificial intelligence is developed in machines are: 

Learning: Learning is done based on the data received by the machine. The machine can remember the solution in a particular situation and apply it when the situation arises again. Machines can also learn by identifying patterns in the data and using it as a base for further data operations. This way, machines can apply a solution to a new situation based on past experience.

Reasoning: Machines can be programmed to draw inferences for reasoning. Deduction and induction techniques are used to implement reasoning in AI.

Problem-solving: Machines can search through possible courses of action to solve a problem. Learning can be used to determine the best course of action.

Perception: Perception is the ability of the machine to understand the scene in front of it. It can determine what are the different objects in its surroundings and where they are located.

Language analysis: Machines can understand spoken or written human language and interact with humans in their language.

Below are some examples of Artificial Intelligence which we use frequently in our lives:

1.Virtual assistants like Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana use AI to understand human speech and provide the requested service like checking your schedule, setting up reminders or searching the internet, in addition to other tasks. These assistants also learn from their previous interactions to better anticipate the users needs and provide relevant service.

2.Banks use AI to warn customers of possible fraudulent transactions. Fraud-detection programs use AI to learn what kind of transactions might be fraudulent. Banks also use AI to deposit cheques into your account when you scan them through your mobile phones. AI is used to interpret the handwriting on the cheque.

3.Shopping websites like Amazon provide suggestions about what items you might want to buy based on your previous purchases and other similar purchases by other customers.Artificial Intelligence is used to predict a customers purchase requirement based on their shopping behavior. This type of suggestion list is also used in to show videos that might interest you based on your previous viewing history. Google Ads also use a similar technology to show ads relevant to you based on your browsing history.

4.Gmail uses AI for improving the categorization of emails such as primary, social and promotions. AI is also used for spam detection. Artificial Intelligence helps to adapt to changing situations by learning from available data.

5.Automated cars use AI to detect their surroundings and drive without the active participation of the driver. Tesla is the leading company for self-driven car technology.

Artificial intelligence is slowly touching all aspects of our lives. Robotic vacuum cleaners which use AI to vacuum your floors is also a reality now. Machines and software are becoming more intelligent with increasing development of AI technology.

Last update: Dec 03, 2019


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