Difference of Customized Printing Code Passive RFID Card Between Active And Passive

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The Customized Printing Code Passive RFID Card are likewise up to a progression of ISO gauges, including ISO 15693-3 and ISO 14443A, and so forth. Taking a shot at 13.56MHz working recurrence, the outlines of Customized Printing Code Passive RFID Card are little in size and light in weight with the perusing reach from 2cm to 15cm. Subsequently, these modest inlays are to a great degree suitable for access control applications where little size following is required. Furthermore, the RFID passive inlays not just contain the assurances of waterproof and hostile to corrosive, yet they are likewise against soluble base and crashworthy. All the more vitally, even in a temperature as high as 90 Celsius, the RFID passive inlays can in any case run typically inside 100,000 perusing and composing times. Nonetheless, the costs are out of the blue aggressive also.

In outline, with such a remarkable execution, the RFID passive inlays composed by Asia RFID are considered as perfect arrangements served as access control, security and ticketing issues, which proceed with the solid pattern in RFID markets.

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Last update: Jan 03, 2020


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