Detailed design of the RFID-based smart hotel system

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In the hotel VIP customer service system, the RFID tag is used to identify the current location of the customer, and the other application system is provided with a trigger signal to correlate the relevant information of the customer. 

The normal operation of RFID equipment is a prerequisite for the automatic operation of other systems. The operation status and failure of RFID equipment require the attention of hotel management personnel.

In the system software, the RFID device management module displays the operating status of the RFID device in a friendly and clear manner through a professional HMI interface. When the device malfunctions or runs abnormally, the system software will issue an alarm at the first time to notify the hotel management. The personnel timely confirm and eliminate the faults to ensure the safe and stable operation of the entire hotel service system.

The system realizes the information exchange and management with the RFID hardware through design and development of the communication interface with the RFID system, and completes the information exchange with the upper application system.

Smart Hotel consists of three systems: VIP to store reminder, floor navigation, and banquet/conference management.

Each subsystem uses the basic structure of RFID as the basis of information. When the card information is recognized, the card reader transmits the card information to the background through the network, and compares the data in the database to obtain the relevant information of the corresponding guest or asset. Then, by querying the number of the card reader in the database, the location where the card is recognized can be obtained, and then the related service prompt information is generated, or the management operation prompt is generated, and the application generated based on the different information is the subsystems. The different features offered.

System functions

1. VIP boot system main features:

VIP personnel information management: docking with the hotel VIP personnel management system to obtain VIP guest related information.

SMS and MMS reminder: According to the VIP level, you can send SMS and MMS to different welcoming guests.

The front desk computer automatically displays: the latest VIP information of the store is displayed on the front desk computer so that the service personnel can greet the guests.

VIP personnel information record: automatically record the time and channel of VIP personnel entering the store.

2. The main functions of the floor navigation system:

Room Card Management: Connect with the hotel PMS system to get information about in-house guests.

Directions: According to the identified guest information, the customer's room number is displayed on the integrated LCD screen and the direction of the room is indicated by an arrow; the room door light flashes to indicate the room location.

SMS reminder: When the guest enters the elevator, the SMS will be automatically sent to the floor attendant to prepare for the reception.

3. Main functions of the banquet/conference management system:

Card management features: room card and dedicated conference card and banquet invitation with electronic chip.

Electronic sign-in at the venue: Record and count the attending conference/banquet personnel.

The venue seats are guided; when the attendees hold the room card containing the electronic chip, the conference card or the invitation to check in at the mobile IDS, the mobile IDS display shows the seat and direction.

Report statistics and analysis: After the meeting, the statistical report is automatically issued and analyzed.

SMS reminder: Send the information and quantity of unsuccessful personnel to the conference/banquet organizer by SMS.

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