Automatic Rushed Card Equipment with Advanced RFID Technology

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Punching Card is an important process in card manufacturing. While we make sure that we have successfully finished all the fore steps, we will begin to prepare for punching. As usual, there are 5 Points Card model and 25 Points Card model to choose, according to the card punched. The most important point is that we still make sure the inner environment is dust-free, and every machine in need should work normally. Besides, we are also sure that the Infrared is with induction. We will switch the Automatic and Manual operations with advanced RFID Technology. Especially for the first card, it should be checked carefully, whether the location of the card is right. Besides, we will adjust Machine Parameters Set according to the degree of excursion in before and behind. In the whole process, it still keeps with top accuracy control.

Our workers will pay more attention to every little detail. They always take and bring the materials carefully and softly, so that the cards should not be broken. As we all known, detail determines the success and lost. Therefore, no matter where the point is, all of us should regard the detail as the critical step to make sure RFID Cards accorded with the international standard. What is more, to be sure that the inner environment is with high standard, we will maintain every Automatic Rushed Card Equipment and clean every corner in some time. This is not only help to keep RFID Products clean, but also make a good environment for workers.

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Last update: Jan 03, 2020


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