860-960MHz Alien H3 Black PPS UHF Laundry washing Tag

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RFID high temperature resisting, acid; alkali washing tag

Product Introduction:

·Dimension:oval-shaped (dimension:40*24*2.2mm,aperture :6.3*3.5mm)
·Production process:Injection within chip
·Surface process:Printing,laser,UID
·Package:PVC tray, 50pcs/tray,3000pcs/cn,
·Carton dimension:330*270*250mm

Product Features:

·Working frequency:840~960MHZ
·Standard agreement:ISO 18000-6C,EPC Class1 Gen 2
·Reading distance:3m (fixed reader)
·Chip:Alien H3
·Working life:150 times
·Working temperature.:-20o~+150o(20minutes)
·Test condition : withstand high temperature ,acid-resisting & alkali-resisting
(PH6);waterproof :IPX-8;


It’s the best choice for harsh working environment. It is composed of plastic package,RFID chip inside. Widely used in garment factories, strong washing, chemical raw materials control etc. It is a wear resistant, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant safe and green tag.

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good nfc tag

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