Contacting interface Smart card with FM4442 chip can be provided free sample and valuable guidance.

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Contact IC card FM4442 chip, View FM4442 card, OEM could be customized according to your request.

Contacting interface IC card with FM4442 chip Descriptions:

Contacting interface IC card with FM4442 chip Manufacturer, especially provide IC Card for four years. Though in a short time, we still have great achievements in the industry.

Contacting interface IC card with FM4442 chip could be often used for water meter prepaid, campus id, bus stored-value cards, highway tolls, parking, etc.

Contacting interface IC card with FM4442 chip Specifications:

  • SLE4442 Contact IC Inkjet PVC Card
  • Material: PVC,PET,PETG,ABS
  • ISO Standard: ISO 7816
  • Crafts Options: 4 color offset + silkscreen printing,magnetic stripe,embossed number,signature panel,barcode,UV hologram logo etc.
  • Size: 85.5*54*0.84mm or to be customized
  • Surface Finished: 
  • (1)glossy finish(2)frosted finish
    (3)matt finish 
  • Applications: 
  • (1)Membership Loyalty System
    (2)Hotel locking system
    (3)Payment system
    (4)Vendor Machine system
    (5)Retailing system
  • Chips Available:  
  • (1) SLE5542 SLE5528(2) FM4442 FM4428 FM24C02
    (3) AT24C01 AT24C02 AT24C64 AT24C16 AT24C56 ,etc
  • Payment: 5-7 working days after the receipt of full payment in advance
  • Packing :
    (1). White box: 22 cm x 9 cm x 6cm, 200 pieces/ box 
    (2). Carton: 48 cm x 22.5 cm x 14cm, 10 boxes/ carton.

The color and picture of the product are slightly different, but still quite satisfactory.
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