Custom 30mm RFID NFC tag sticker with Ntag216 is accustomed to quick response and fast delivery.

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RFID NFC tag sticker 

Highest Quality & Warranty: NFC sticker is manufactured under strict quality control procedures to bring you the best NFC experience.

Made of waterproof PVC material can be placed outdoors or near water without the risk of losing functionality.

Custom NFC stickers

High-Quality Blank NTAG215 NFC Cards Round 30mm(1.18 inches to 3.93 inches)

NFC Stickers with NTAG213, NTAG216, and other Chips, with professional and durable CMYK color printing. We print up to 10000 NFC Tags per hour.

NFC stickers with custom graphics. Available in various sizes, materials, shapes, and with a wide choice of NFC chips.

Full color printed custom NFC stickers and labels. Available in different sizes and shapes. Choose from a wide variety of mobile NFC functions.

How to use

Easy Operate: You just need to hover your phone over the tag, data will send to your phone directly, No need internal energy, no need battery, no manual pairing. Compatible and programmable with all NFC-enabled cell phones and devices. Simple touch makes your phone much more fun!

100% Compatible With TagMo Amiibo and All NFC-enabled cell phones & other devices

These NFC tags are typically used for contact information such as giving your contact or business information and for security and authentication purposes.

Digitally Immersive Experience:NFC Sticker gives you the ultimate freedom to create an environment where you can save time, effort, and make the most complicated tasks more simple in just one touch. It makes your life more simple and colorful

30mm Custom Print Stickers With NTAG216 NFC Chip Description:

Applications of the 30mm Custom Print Stickers With NTAG216 NFC Chip include Public Transport: subway tickets, bus RFID tickets, access control, identity authentication, payment, product marking, etc.
30mm Custom Print Stickers With NTAG216 NFC Chip utilizes fully the design innovation of high-tech, environmental protection, saving, and is a new era of science and technology achievements.
Printing of 30mm Custom Print Stickers With NTAG216 NFC Chip includes CMYK, RGB, Pantone. All the products could be customized. Our services will never end even after you receive the products.

MaterialWhite Paper, available material: PVC, PET
SizeTag: Diameter 30 mm, Diameter 23 mm
Memory888 byte
Crafts AvailableUnique QR code, Data encoded, Anti metal, Encryption, Custom Printed
Shipping DetailsGenerally, 3 days for DHL/FedEx/UPS, 10 days for air shipping,18 days for sea shipping.
Payment TermsTT, PayPal, WEST UNION, L/C

Common Chip TypesProtocolCapacityAnti-collisionFunction
Available 125KHz Chip
TK4100/64 bitNoRead Only
EM4200/128 bitNoRead Only
EM4305 / 512 bit No Read/Write
T5577/330 bitsNoRead/Write
Available 13.56MHz Chip
NTAG® 213 ISO14443A 180 byte No Read/Write
NTAG® 215ISO14443A540 byteNoRead/Write
NTAG® 216ISO14443A924 byteNoRead/Write
MIFARE® Classic® 1KISO14443A1 KBNoRead/Write
MIFARE® Classic® 4KISO14443A4 KBNoRead/Write
MIFARE® Plus® S 1KISO14443A2 KB/4 KBNoRead/Write
MIFARE Ultralight® EV1ISO14443A80 byteNoRead/Write
MIFARE Ultralight® CISO14443A192 byteNoRead/Write
ICODE® SLIXISO156931024 bitYesRead/Write
Available 860-960MHz Chip
Alien H3ISO18000-6C512 bitYesRead/Write
Other chips are also available.

NTAG are registered trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used under license.

ICODE are registered trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used under license.

MIFARE and MIFARE Classic are trademarks of NXP B.V.

MIFARE and MIFARE Ultralight have registered trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used under license.

MIFARE and MIFARE Plus have registered trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used under license.


access control, hotel locks, staff attendance, and school campus access and payment control, identification and security systems, parking lot entry and payment, social security management, transportation payment, municipal and ancillary service payment, etc.

I like them for being in different colors.. its easy to remember the settings by color... i recommend this product... writing to it is fast...
Great product works with Nexus 5/4/7.
Great deal. Many tags for a low price. Easy to program, write, erase, and re-write with your NFC-enabled Android device
the rfid tags are great response.
The seller was very polite and encouraged me to test the RFID Tags; I liked it. I would buy from you again.
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