Sporting News Highlights the Benefits of RFID

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Rich Handley, RFID Journal's managing editor, sent me a link to an article on Sporting News, a website focused on U.S. sports. The article was titled "RFID technology can change the fan experience for the better." It made my day to see a mainstream consumer publication write positively about radio frequency identification technology.

"Over the past couple of years in sports and entertainment, there has been an increasing trend of stadiums, teams, event organizers, and more using RFID technology to improve the experience for fans once they arrive on site at an event," the article states. "RFID, which stands for radio frequency identification, can be used to take away some of the hassle for fans at stadiums by making it easier than ever to get to their seats, purchase food and beverages, and receive personalized discounts."

The article points out that RFID wristbands were used successfully at this year's Ryder Cup (see Ryder Cup Tees Up RFID Technology for Spectators), and that the Tampa Bay Lightning embedded RFID chips in the team jerseys it sent to all of its season-ticket holders before the 2011-12 season (see Tampa Bay Lightning Strikes Gold With RFID). "Instead of using traditional tickets, season-ticket holders could show up to the game wearing their jersey and gain admission and purchase items throughout the arena," the story says. "As an additional incentive, the team offered special discounts on food and merchandise to those wearing the jersey."

It's stories like this that alert sports teams to the opportunities that exist to use RFID to improve the fan experience. 

Last update: Jul 15, 2016

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