NTAG203 NFC Tags for Pet Identification

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Near Field Communication technology has been recognized as a distinguished methodized wireless technology that helps you communicate with the devices that are in your close proximity. However, with the intuitive interface and immense capabilities, the NFC technology can facilitate a large number of wireless networking platforms in a seamless manner. NFC is an advanced form of the existing RFID technology that unites the interface of smart card and a reader implanted in one device. It allows the users to immaculately share data and information between digital devices, wireless payment of bills and much more.

Apart from its numerous applications, the latest advancement in the Near Field Communication technology is in Pet Products. It often happens that, when your cat or dog dashes off, the owner gets worried and may think of various ways to find their missing pet, which may not be quite helpful sometimes. To be saved from such distressing situation, embedding a NTAG203 NFC tag that includes your pet’s unique ID number and the information of the owner can help you track your pet and reach to it promptly. 

With its exceptional read domain and extraordinary sensitivity, it is certain that the smart phone reads the tag at a single tap. Moreover, the recent development in Pet Products, a NTAG203 NFC tag, comes with a unique QR code implanted in it, which can be installed to your pet's collar, so that you can easily find your pet. If your pet goes missing, then the Pet ID tag is capable of linking to the information you pick to display. Using a smart phone, you can touch and scan the NFC tag so as to put on view the significant contact information of your pet during any kind of emergency.

The NTAG203 is a superior chip that has versatile features, effective functionality and enhanced reading performance.  The NTAG203 NFC tag is extensively used due to its remarkable capacity of 137 bytes and its availability in different shapes, range and dimensions. It is an all-purpose NFC chip that can efficiently help you out in pet identification.  

Last update: Jun 20, 2016

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