Cr 80 NTAG215 Inkjet PVC Card

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Item: RFID Inkjet PVC Card
Memory:504 bytes
Color:White/ blank
Write Endurance: >100,000 times
Data Retention: >10 years
Reading Range: 5~10 CM

What is RFID Card?
RFID card is composed of IC chip, the induction antenna, encapsulated in the
PVC card, combining RF card and IC card technology, and solves the problem
of passive and contactless. Circuit contact without this kind of card and IC card
equipment, but through the non - contact reading and writing to read and write.
In addition to other embedded chip CPU, logic unit, storage unit, increase the
RF transceiver circuit.

Available Artwork:
Bar code, Qr code
Number printing
Magnetic Stripe
Signature Panel
Encoding ,etc

Smart advertisement
Goods and device authentication
Call request
Call to action
Voucher and coupons
Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing
Connection handover
Product authentication
Mobile companion tags
Electronic shelf labels
Business cards

General Package:
200pcs/inner box, 3000pcs/carton, Carton size: 48*23*20cm) ;
21KG per 3000 piece (One carton ) .

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