RFID Technology Makes Fire Equipment Management More Efficient

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Fire equipment and facilities are the guardians of safety. It is very important to ensure the maintenance and management of fire equipment and facilities. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision of patrol inspection process in order to improve the management level of fire fighting equipment and eliminate potential safety hazards by using advanced information technology and strengthening the ability of information management. The establishment of information data for fire equipment and equipment, and the collection of data information at various key points. The application of RFID technology in the management of fire fighting equipment makes the management of equipment easy and simple, avoids all kinds of data errors and time consumption caused by manual operation and recording, solves the problems in the existing management mode, and guarantees the safe use of fire fighting equipment. RFID technology makes fire equipment management more efficient!

rfid technology management system

At present, the management of fire extinguishers is still based on manual inspection and manual recording. The inspection records are archived in paper form. The accidents found during the inspection process, such as the fire extinguisher has been opened, the weight is not enough, and the pressure is insufficient, are recorded by filling in separate forms. After recording, it is easy to confuse the fire extinguishers, because the exterior appearance of the fire extinguishers has certain similarities, No. Easy to distinguish. In case of emergencies or need to check the specific information of a fire extinguisher, it is often impossible to obtain the relevant information of the fire extinguisher in time. When accountability is investigated, there are often phenomena such as unclear persons responsible. The loss of information of a fire extinguisher will affect the management of many fire extinguishers, and when the fire extinguisher is replaced, there are many problems. If the production date of the fire extinguisher is cumulative and vague, it is difficult to know whether it needs to be repaired or expired. When the fire control department patrols, even if it can barely see clearly, it still needs to calculate the date, and the efficiency of patrol supervision is low. Relevant departments can not supervise in place, can only occasionally spot check some enterprises, fire extinguishers expired or should be repaired can not be timely supervised.

rfid management system

Fire equipment management system based on RFID technology can acquire detailed information of assets accurately by installing RFID tags on fire equipment, binding corresponding asset information in the background, collecting information of RFID tags at key nodes and processes.

Fire extinguishers from factory, routine inspection to maintenance and scrap, management mainly focuses on maintenance and inspection, and these two aspects must be aimed at each different fire extinguisher.

(1) maintenance

Maintenance is mainly to check the storage environment of fire extinguishers, such as should avoid dumping, rain, sun exposure, strong radiation and contact with corrosive substances, fire extinguishers place, should maintain dry ventilation, prevent the cylinder from damp corrosion. Under normal climatic conditions, it can maintain a good environment for fire extinguishers to store.

(2) inspection

Inspection is the most important work. The Security Department inspects the situation of fire extinguishers at least quarterly. The inspections include: the implementation of the responsibility of the person responsible for maintaining the fire extinguisher, whether the pressure value of the fire extinguisher is in the normal pressure range, whether the safety pin and lead seal are in good condition, the position is stable, there is no buried pressure, whether the fire extinguisher is in validity period, etc. Later verification.

The core of the electronic tag is the RFID chip, each chip has its own "ID card": the only digital code in the world, and this digital code has been solidified in the chip during the factory production, can not be changed. Based on this feature, each fire extinguisher can be uniquely identified by tagging or tagging, binding the date of production, manufacturer, repairs and whether it should be. Information such as repairing or scrapping is clear at a glance, which is in line with the development background of the Internet of Things. The computerized management of fire extinguishers through electronic tags overcomes the numerous fire extinguishers, which require tedious and backward manual maintenance and inspection records. Fire control departments can supervise the fire extinguishers that should be repaired, overdue and discarded in real time through the system, and standardize market management.

The main purpose of sealing fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment by fire-fighting enterprises is to standardize the market management of fire extinguishers, prevent the sale of illegal, expired or unqualified fire extinguishers to realize computerized management of fire extinguishers, especially those enterprises, schools and factories with a large number of fire extinguishers. At the same time, it is convenient for local fire brigades to inspect and supervise fire safety and fire extinguishe

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