Digital Hospital Card Solution Based on RFID Technology

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The card system not only meets the needs of hospital modern management, but also meets the diverse needs of employees, patients, relatives of caregivers and other visitors. 

Functional description

(1) Central Management Module

The resource management sub-module is the total resource control of user data, rights management and device management in the system. It is divided into three parts: personnel data management and authority management.

Personnel data management: including all users involved in the system, including users (hospital employees, patients, patient relatives, other resident personnel), operators, system administrators, and other relevant personnel.

Rights management: Different types of authority are assigned to managers and technicians of different levels and different departments, and corresponding login passwords are provided, so that each person's management rights and responsibilities are clearly defined and the operation is well documented.

The card management sub-module manages all applications of user cards, temporary cards and operator cards in the system from release to recycling. It includes pre-issued cards (pre-processing such as printing and distribution card numbers) and card issuance (application type of issuing cards) , including e-wallet), report loss, unhook, recycle card, reissue card operator card management.

The system management sub-module provides system initialization, system parameter setting, implement password setting, card password setting, operation log, database setting and other functions to complete the maintenance of the whole system.

The key management sub-module manages the generation, distribution, update, storage, application, and destruction of the root key, the implement device key, and the user card key in the system.

(2) Medical management module

This system is used for in-hospital and charge related office processes. The smart card acts as an electronic wallet and identity authentication carrier for the cardholder to visit in the hospital. The cardholder confirms the identity at the front desk, pays the registration fee, the injection fee, the drug payment, and the daily payment of the medication fee for unified process management, making the hospital a clean cashless place. Through the data interface, it can interface with the existing medical insurance system.

(3) Consumption / Payment Management Module

For foreign vehicle parking billing, canteen dining and other payment items, the smart card's e-wallet function can replace cash transactions, increase the cleanliness of the hospital environment, the security of fund management and the convenience of workflow. The consumption data of each consumption point in the hospital is uniformly uploaded to the central data server through the pre-communication server for unified processing, and each consumer terminal can independently perform the consumption deduction operation, or can be converted into a consumption system for real-time communication.

(4) Order management module

For patients with inconvenient movements and medical staff who cannot leave the position, the catering staff holds the handheld terminal to the ward and the work room, and the patient and medical staff order the meal according to the recipe and perform the card deduction. The catering staff takes the handheld to the studio and downloads the relevant data to the order management system (computer) and prints a copy to the dining hall. The canteen staff delivers meals according to the order. The ordering mode reduces the unnecessary actions in the hospital and reduces the root cause of the spread of the bacteria. At the same time, the use of the IC card daily meal settlement method also reduces the financial pressure of the hospital, and makes the flow of funds more transparent and improves the work efficiency. Great convenience for the management of the hospital.

(5) Capital Center Management Module

The deposit and withdrawal sub-module is mainly used for the cash recharging function of the e-wallet of the smart card of the hospital finance department, including personal recharge and group recharge, for the consumption and payment in the hospital. In addition, the module can also perform special operations such as “withdrawal” or “no card withdrawal”.

(6) Query management module

You can check the hospital's various public information through self-service touch screen, such as hospital introduction, management system, charging standards, and new services. In addition, the cardholder can check his personal information, payment history, card record, etc. through the self-service touch screen.

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