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RFID Company Name Tag owns multi-channel material suppliers to meet the great majority of customer needs.

Waterproof PVC Name Tag Description:

Waterproof PVC Name Tag is mainly for Gifts, fashion accessories, promotional advertising, Business gifts, promotional items, advertising gifts, Festival gifts. Customers gifts. Memorial gifts. Souvenirs. Business gifts, travel gifts Fashion gifts. Office Gifts, Public advocacy, etc.

Waterproof PVC Name Tag features high tensile strength, elongation, and strong grassroots resilienc, resistance to root penetration resistance, ozone resistance, aging, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and excellent low temperature flexibility, good water vapor diffusion, condensate drain easily release moisture to stay at the grassroots level easily eliminated, usage of advanced hot air welding technology, reliable sealing seams.

Our Inlay are covered in the surface material to form the final label. These are some materials:
1. Coated Paper: Low cost, easy to print on.
2. PET: Waterproof, heatproof, environmental protection.
3. PVC: Waterproof, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance.
4. Normal Double-sided adhesive: Robust, widely used, and cheaper than 3M Glue.
5. 3M Glue: Higher cost but strong viscosity, good temperature tolerance & anti-corrosion.
6. Electrostatic adhesive:Electrostatic prevention, high temperature resistance, strong water resistance

For die-cutting the minimum size should be 4mm bigger than inlay normally.





 S50, I-CODE SLI, Ultralight, S70, TI2K, NTAG203, Desfrie, TK4100, ALIENH3 etc.


 125KHZ \ 134.2KHZ \ 13.56MHZ \ 900MHZ

Crafts Available

printed, laser water code, UID codes, drilling, adhesive

Shipping Details

Generally, 3 days for DHL/FedEx/UPS,
10 days for air shipping,
18 days for sea shipping.

Payment Terms


Custom Sizes

Common Package

1000 pcs /2000 pcs /5000 pcs in one roll,
10,000 pcs /50,000 pcs /100,000pcs per carton

About 2KG for 1000 pcs

Carton Size
49*23*20 cm
49*23*26 cm
Special demands for packing available.



Available Applications:
Asset management, production line management, supply chain management, warehousing management, luggage tag,anti-counterfeiting management (tobacco, liquor, medicine), retailmanagement, vehicle management, etc.

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