Passive NTAG203 RFID Roll Tag provides read, read and write version with the chips of low frequency and high frequency.

NTAG203 Roll RFID Tag Descriptions:

NTAG203 Roll RFID Tag adopts raw material from the supplier of national citizen ID card , which is safe and environmental protection of PVC material.

NTAG203 Roll RFID Tag is given the best printing machine, Germany Heidelberg four-color printer with exquisite printing quality.

We will keep updating with you during the whole production process with pictures, and tracking number of the order so that you can track it any time by yourself.

NTAG203 Roll RFID Tag Specifications:

  • Operating temperature : -30℃ to 75℃
  • Various colors: lovely, popular, adorable
  • Slot (hole) size:As your request
  • Available chips: EM4100, MF 1 S50,MF 1 S70,I-CODE2,Ultralight,F08.
  • 4C Printing with Signature Panel
  • Other Available Material: PVC, PET, ABS etc
Thumb File information
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Great seller. Recomended!!!


Prepare to hang these little things all over the house and office cause these are great when you want to go beyond having just a phone. These make it easy to set your settings depending you the location and you can stick them everywhere since the back had a peel sticker.


Not a whole lot of uses, but they can be handy especially I'd you're a tech geek. Maybe in the future you'll be able to do more, but you can find lots of great ideas if you look online. These are really durable and they stick. These are certainly thicker than the stickers, but they'll last forever where as stickers last a week or two.


this Blank RFID Tag Works well

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13.56MHZ NTAG203 Paper Roll RFID Sticker is anti scratch, more durable with overlay and protecting film.

  • Product Code: xyt-125
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