Topaz 512 Small Size Nfc Sticker has been made with 4 years of OEM and ODM experience.

Customized size for Topaz 512 NFC Tag Sticker Descriptions:

Customized size for Topaz 512 NFC Tag Sticker utilize fully the design innovation of igh-tech, environmental protection, saving, and is a new era of science and technology achievements.

Wholesale Customized size for Topaz 512 NFC Tag Sticker will be provided the competitive priceas our old customer.

Applications of the Customized size for Topaz 512 NFC Tag Sticker include Public Transport :subway tickets, bus rfid ticket, access control, identity authentication, payment, product marking etc.

Customized size for Topaz 512 NFC Tag Sticker Specifications:

  • Size: Customized
  • NFC chip:S50, S70, Ultralight (512bit), Ultralight C,Fudan F08,NTAG203
  • Desfare 2K/4K/8K,Ntag213,Top512
  • Material:PVC, Paper, PET, ABS, PET
  • Data storage time :10 years at least
  • Antennas :PET Aluminium, or Copper antenna
  • Working Frequency :13.56MHz
  • Reading Distance :2-10cm
  • RF protocol :ISO 14443A
  • Function :Read/Write protect by password
  • UID code :UID code laser printing,encode the tags is OK

Reviews (6)

All the tags worked on all of my NFC equiped Android devices. The 512 version is great as I can store quite a bit of information and well worth the small additional cost. I would appreciate a few of the tags not having the branding (website) on the colorful side though, to be a little more discrete.
Fun to play with NFC tags. Can't beat the price.
With this new technology coming out, I knew hardly nothing about what a NFC tag was or how it worked.
After looking at my options, I found these to be thee FUNNEST, CUTEST, and most UNDERSTANDABLE to program into my Samsung Galaxy phone. My washer dryer is on a different level than my usual living quarters.
Now all I have to do is set the dryer, touch my phone to the NFC tag, and it sets an alarm on it for a half an hour automatically for when I need to check my clothes.
New technology. Has so many new uses I can see in the future. But for now I am having a blast finding new and unique uses for anything and everything I can to make my life, not necissarily easier (although it is) but funner and somehow more softisticated. I got exactly what I wanted. Fast delivery. You GOTTA TRY EM!!!
NFC tags that worked great with my phone and no issues. Anyone that wants to use NFC tags to precondition phones should consider these without a doubt.
One of the best purchases I have made. Learned about NFC technology the other day and didn't really believe it so I thought I would try it out with my Galaxy S5.

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